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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Glühwein

Mulled wine, of Glühwein as it is known in German-speaking countries, is as big of a part of any holiday as wine on the dinner table can be. It’s traditionally brewed with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg and fruits such as oranges. Variations to the recipe exist, but usually one would use red wine for […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: A Year in Review

If we haven’t told you enough already, it was a great year for Austrian wine in the US. To celebrate, we’ve made this representative word cloud to showcase our accomplishments! Special thanks to all those organizations that allowed us to be a part of their programming this year, to all the people who made it […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Day 7 Styria

In the US Lower Austria, Vienna, and Burgenland often steal the spotlight from Austria’s fourth quality wine-producing state – Styria, which is a shame considering the great portfolio of wines this region has to offer! Styria, known as Steiermark in Austria, is divided into three subsections known as: Südoststeiermark, Südsteiermark, and Weststeiermark, all of which […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Day Six Zweigelt

We just concluded our biggest promotion of Austrian red wines ever to hit the US, but we’re still loving these wines consistently! Today’s feature is Zweigelt (Tsvy-gelt)! After having been determined to be the best wine for Thanksgiving, it’s a natural choice to continue the trend through Christmas and the entire holiday season. According to the […]

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