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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Enjoy a G’Spritzer

Though it’s traditionally known as a summer drink, there is a never a bad time to have a white wine spritzer, or G’Spritzer as it’s called in Austria. We love, love, love our wines so let’s be clear – the spritzer is not about watering them down. In fact, Austrians will often choose aromatic grapes such […]

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Tasting Games: Neuburger

Neuburger, a lesser-known white grape of Austria, is one known for being full and robust, but with mild flavors and a neutral palate. That being said, Neuburger still has a lot to offer, offering spice and floral notes when young and a nuttier taste with some age to the wine. It is known to make […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Day 7 Styria

In the US Lower Austria, Vienna, and Burgenland often steal the spotlight from Austria’s fourth quality wine-producing state – Styria, which is a shame considering the great portfolio of wines this region has to offer! Styria, known as Steiermark in Austria, is divided into three subsections known as: Südoststeiermark, Südsteiermark, and Weststeiermark, all of which […]

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Wine Exports Surpass Estimates – New Sales Record Reached

January 5, 2012 – Austria’s winemakers achieve highest-ever average price – Austria’s wine sector keeps sailing on its successful course. Even after two low-quantity vintages, an export record of € 126 million (an increase of 2.6% over the previous year) was set in 2011 – against all expectations! Average prices increased significantly because of the […]

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