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© Orange & Natural Wines/Susanne Korab

Orange: the New White – or the Fourth Wine Colour?

A new term is dominating the wine trade, forums and fairs these days: Orange wine.  But no one quite knows what it actually means. And no wonder. Because there are no regulations, no rules and no specific definition for this wine style. Austrian wine journalist Helmut O. Knall tries to shed a bit of light on the […]

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© AWMB/Anna Stöcher

Austria’s Wine Harvest 2014 – A Year of Intense Work

Difficult weather conditions, persistent rainfalls and fewer sunshine hours demanded scrupulous care and extensive work in the vineyards from Austria’s winemakers this year, so that healthy and ripe grapes could be harvested. The wine grape volume will be once again below the long term average, but we can look forward to an Austrian 2014 vintage […]

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Three-tier Quality Pyramid, © AWMB

New Three-tier Quality Pyramid for Sparkling Wine from Austria

Austria’s domestic wine industry has been working hard for several years to improve the profile of its quality sparkling wines. A first step was to establish the Austrian Sparkling Wine Committee – analogous to Austria’s Regional Wine Committees – in 2013. And now, a three-tier quality pyramid for sparkling wine from Austria has been developed […]

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Paul and Ladies

Austrian Wine Took Over Summer of Riesling at Terroir Murray Hill

August started with a bang… and although it’s not almost over, we’re still thinking about it! The 6th of August was otherwise known as Austrian Riesling Day at Terroir Murray Hill, one of the flagship bars for the Summer of Riesling festival. The restaurant invited patrons, both trade and consumer, to come experience discounted sips […]

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