Featured Food and Wine Pairing: Klee Brasserie’s Daniel Angerer & Lori Mason – Viennese Fried Chicken w/ 2004 Frühwirth Morillon

This month we asked Klee Brasserie’s Executive Chef and owner, Daniel Angerer, to prepare an Austrian dish inspired by the upcoming Labor Day weekend and we asked his wife, Lori Mason, owner and Wine Director of Klee for a master pairing. Angerer is most famously known for defeating Bobbly Flay on an episode of Iron Chef on Food Network. He also keeps his own blog so fans can follow his culinary adventures.

Daniel crafted a delicious spin on the classic, fried chicken – Austrian style. His wife and colleague, Sommelier Mason, has selected the 2004 Frühwirth Morillon of Styria to be paired with this dish.  So why not wow your guests this Labor Day Weekend by putting a spin on a classical dish?

Here’s the details:

The food:

Viennese fried chicken

(4 portions)

Two all natural, free range chicken weighing about two and a half pounds each

Salt (to taste)

Fresh pepper (to taste)

1 cup flour

3 eggs

2 cups bread crumbs, ground finely

6 cups vegetable oil for frying

1 lemon

  1. Prepare the chicken by cutting the breast and legs off the bone. Cut the bones out of the chicken legs.
  2. Season butchered chicken with salt and pepper.
  3. Working in three bowls, first turn seasoned chicken parts in flour, then mixed eggs and then lastly in bread crumbs. Shake off any excess crumbs between each coating. Rest breaded chicken for ten minutes (in this way the natural moisture of chicken parts will bound with the coating).
  4. Fry chicken in at least three inch deep hot vegetable oil at 310°F for ten minutes. Transfer chicken to a kitchen paper towel (this will absorb excess oil) then rest for ten minutes in a 300°F hot oven.
  5. Squeeze lemon juice over fried chicken.

Chef’s Tip: serve fried chicken with potato salad

The Wine:

2004 Frühwirth Morillon of Styria is made of Chardonnay (Morillon is a name for Chardonnay in Styria) that is matured in both barrel and bottle and is typically full of flavor with exceptional fruitiness in its aroma, frequently compared with ripe grapes or apples. This wine pairs perfectly with the Viennese Fried Chicken because of its full bodied character and intense flavors. Chardonnay is always a crowd pleaser and now you can impress your friends with a fun fact about the wine’s name!

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