Tasting Games: Gelber Muskateller

Well summer may be winding down with the impending end-of-summer holiday upon us, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to give up our summer whites. Today we focus on Gelber Muskateller, otherwise known as Yellow Muscat, a delicious, floral, fresh grape that’s perfect on its own or combined with sparkling water to make a spritzer!

The grape only makes up 1.1% of the total production at 527 hectares, but that is a vast increase from the 143 ha found just ten years ago! The majority of Gelber Muskateller is grown in Steiermark, particularly Südsteiermark which is known for its focus on aromatic varieties. The soils in which is grows vary from sandstone and slate to marl and limestone and here it enjoys a warm and humid Mediterranean climate.

Muskat is one of the oldest grape varieties, believing to have originated from the Mediterranean region. Gelber Muskateller is just one type which is differentiated by its yellow berries and is often known as a “problem child,” as it is susceptible to rot and can have very low yields.

The variety is known for its pronounced floral and citrus aromas backed by spiciness and sometimes herbal notes that follow through to the palate. In Austria, like most wines, it is generally produced dry allowing the grapes vibrant acidity and light body to take center stage; the best part is this will last even with a few years of age!

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