Help Us Make the New Austrian Wine Music Playlist

When one thinks of Austria, they think music…this is natural. Of course, the music we generally think of is that played in the grandest concert halls originally composed by artists whose names will never be forgotten. As expected, Austrian culture is all-encompassing of these things and the AWMB has taken full advantage of combining music and wine.

We have covered this in the past, but in case you are not familiar, the Rendezvous Wine & Music asks listeners to obtain (9) wines and listen to a selection of three songs. At the end of each set, the taster is asked to pair the wine with the song that best suits it and its mood. Having done this exercise ourselves we can attest that it’s great fun!

Moving into modern-day music, though, seems like a natural progression, but we need YOU to help us find the best fit in songs. We’ll be working with Spotify’s branded playlists to bring you the modern, Austrian wine & music playlist for the US – modern being anything post 1950 onward. As with our original Austrian Wine & Music CD, we’d like some options so please send yours, our way… if your song is picked for choice a., b., or c. for any category, you’re eligible for special Austrian wine prizes – submit songs as many times as you’d like!

So let us know! Which songs would you choose for:

1. Gelber Muskateller – Light & Zippy
2. Grüner Veltliner Classic – Fresh & Elegant
3. Grüner Veltliner Reserve – Intense & Touching
4. Riesling – Brilliant & Spirited
5. Sauvignon Blanc – Piquant & Extravagant
6. Zweigelt – Charming & Harmonious
7. Blaufränkisch – Noble & Fiery
8. Beerenauslese – Exotic rarity, Liquid gold
9. Sparkling wine – The classic aperitif

Leave a comment, find us on social media (Twitter or Facebook) or shoot us an email at with your suggestion(s) – can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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