Spring Delights with Austrian Wine

Spring has finally sprung and we’re looking forward to lighter, refreshing wines with fresh flavors. Here are a few of out favorite things.

Gelber Muskateller with baked curry puffs

Perhaps an unexpected pairing, but the fresh, fruity, floral flavors  and striking acidity of this wine make it perfect company for a little heat! We love this recipe from Genius Kitchen that combines spicy beef with a healthy serving of vegetables and a number of spices awakening your senses as the earth wakes up too.

Classic Grüner Veltliner with prosciutto wrapped asparagus 

A staple pairing, how could we leave this out? Known as “spargel” in Austria, it isn’t spring without asparagus! More typically known prepared with hollandaise sauce, we’re focusing on pairing with a salty pork product for a light, but satisfying bite. No need to over-complicate things, we love this recipe from Simply Recipes. The classic Grüner Veltliner offers a hefty amount of acid to cut through the saltiness, but the balance of fruit, acid, and minerality make it the ultimate vegetable wine. Give it a try.

Pinot Blanc with leek quiche 

For the cooler mornings we’re focusing on another favorite, but hard-to-pair spring vegetable a classic Pinot Blanc. The wine can stand up to the creaminess from the milk and cheese, but also pair with the leeks. We love this recipe from Once Upon a Chef.


Do you have any favorite spring wine & food recipes? We’d love to hear about them.

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