Every day is “Earth Day” for Austrian Wine

A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.

– John James Audubon, naturalist and ornithological artist 

April 22nd of every year is the official “Earth Day”, but Austrian wine as a category has been working tirelessly to subscribe to the notion that everyone should leave the earth better than the found it.

Already 30% of Austria’s vineyards are certified organic with many more heading that way, but sustainability is a bigger focus. But what does “sustainability” mean?

From the harvesting of the grapes, through the élevage of the wine to the bottling, the entire production process is critically examined for its contribution to sustainability. Sparing use of water, energy, chemical fertilizers and efficient use of machinery are among those aspects positively evaluated – as are, for example – providing fair working conditions and sustainable business practices.

This means lighter bottles, earth-friendly ways of eliminating pests, hand harvesting and more.

Although the certification just became available in 2015, many winegrowers have already completed the two-step process with more expected in the coming years. What’s more is that the Austrian Wine Marketing Board and Sustainable Austrian Winemaking have joined forces with the Valpolicella Wine Board, the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance to work toward a better earth for all.

So remember, when you drink “Grüner” you’re not just drinking our signature grape, you’re also drinking green. All year round.


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