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Wine Blogging Wednesday #75: Single Vineyards

Despite it’s somewhat lengthy absence, Wine Blogging Wednesday is once again bringing wine bloggers everywhere together. This month’s topic, selected by 1 Wine Dude, Joe Roberts, calls upon wine bloggers to select one single vineyard wine and blog about it. It’s too hard for us to pick just one, but for those wine bloggers who are still scrambling […]

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Austrian Wine Words: Steinfeder, Federspiel, Smaragd

Today we take a trip to the Wachau to explain the terms Steinfeder, Federspiel, & Smaragd. Long before the DAC system in Austria was established, many of the wine regions in Austria developed their own system of classification. Among those, was the Wachau under the specialized classification of the Vinea Wachau – an organization including nearly […]

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burgenland with lake

12 Days of Austrian Wine Day #7: Ruster Ausbruch

On the seventh day of Austrian wine, we received liquid gold! More literally, we received Ruster Ausbruch- a noble sweet wine from the town of Rust, Burgenland that is unlike any other in the world. Austria’s Burgenland region has been long known for its sweet wines that showcase an intoxicating balance of sugar and acid. […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine Day #6: Gumpoldskirchen Königswein

On the sixth day of Austrian wine, we receive Gumpoldskirchen Königswein (and thank goodness, because it is incredibly fun to say!) Produced in the town of Gumpolskirchen in Thermenregion, Gumpoldskirchen Königswein is a traditional cuvee of white grapes grown within the city limits including the rare Rotgipfler and Zierfandler. Literally translated to mean “the King’s […]

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