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Blurbs about a specific wine growing area in Austria

Spotlight on a Wine Region: Mittelburgenland DAC

Mittelburgenland is one of the most important DAC regions for red wines best know for the racy character it imparts on its Blaufränkisch and other red wines. Wines made from Blaufränkisch, however, are the only wines that may be classified in this region and this grape is also the most widely produced. Despite the dense […]

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Spotlight on a Wine Region: Weststeiermark

This month’s featured region is one that is uniquely its own. Located in the southern portion of Austria’s winemaking areas, Weststeiermark is best known for its wines made from Schilcher, formally know as Blauer Wildbacher, as it dominates the 500 hectares of vine in the region. Despite it’s relatively rare status, wines made from Schilcher […]

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Featured Wine Region: The Neusiedlersee

In honor of the heat wave the entire East Coast of the US is experiencing we decided it was appropriate to feature the wine region of Austria named after a lake, Lake Neusiedl, that is (aka the Neusiedlersee.) Hopefully it will help cool us all down. (NOTE: pair this post with a glass of Grüner […]

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Spotlight on a Wine Region: Eisenberg DAC (Südburgenland)

In Eisenberg DAC (also known as Südburgenland) Blaufränkish is king among the regions 498 hectares. Although there are other grapes grown in this region, only wines made from the Blaufränkish may be labeled under the DAC classification. The red wines here present a distinct minerality and notes of spice whilst white wines coming from this […]

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