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12 Days of Austrian Wine Day #5: Blaufränkisch

Blaufränkisch is a red grape widely grown throughout Central Europe, though it is largely called a different name in Germany (Lemberger), Hungary and others. In Austria, Blaufränkisch is most prevalent in Mitterlburgenland, sometimes referred to as “Blaufränkischland,” though plantings of the grape can be found throughout the country. Currently, Blaufränkisch is classified in three DAC […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine Day #2: Gemischter Satz

On the second day of Austrian wine, we’re bring you a Viennese specialty: Gemischter Satz. Literally meaning “mixed set” Gemischter Satz is a field blend, a specialty of Vienna. Many grape varieties may be grown in a single vineyard, but in order to be labeled “Gemischter Satz,” all of the grapes must be harvested and […]

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Guess that Grape Contest (6/17-7/21)

Welcome to the Guess that Grape Contest! How good are you at identifying Austrian wine varietals? Below you’ll find the flavor profiles for four grapes grown in Austria – take a guess! (hint: two are international varieties!) Think you got it? Leave a comment below with your answer – make sure you include your email […]

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