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Wine export values continue to increase, despite limited availability of wine

Press Release                  2011-09-12 Austrian Qualitätswein is now as popular as ever, both in Austria and in international markets. Despite the decrease in export quantity of wine, measured as being less than 28 percent by volume, the value of wine exports increased by 2 percent, based on figures published this time last. The average price per […]

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The Austrian Vintage 2010: A Happy Ending with Small Quantities

The 2010 vintage was defined by unusually difficult weather conditions, with low grape yields the result. Nevertheless, crisp white wines and fine, lean red wines are expected. The harsh Winter of 2009 was met by the pleasant arrival of Spring in 2010. However, cold, wet periods soon followed, and 2010 saw significant rainfall and a […]

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The 2010 Vintage – Hitting the shore

As we’ve told you in the past, the 2010 vintage was, unfortunately, of low yield, but fortunately the quality of the wines was high. Well, after a few months in their fermentation vats, some of the 2010 vintage is starting to come our way. What we’ve come across so far is a few delectable rosé […]

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