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Spotlight on a Wine Region: Eisenberg DAC (Südburgenland)

In Eisenberg DAC (also known as Südburgenland) Blaufränkish is king among the regions 498 hectares. Although there are other grapes grown in this region, only wines made from the Blaufränkish may be labeled under the DAC classification. The red wines here present a distinct minerality and notes of spice whilst white wines coming from this […]

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Featured Food Pairing: Austria Uncorked! Part 3: Barbuto & BLT Prime

For the sake of time constraints, we’re going to give you a double whammy on the featured food pairings for the next few days. Today: Barbuto and BLT Prime who are whipping up a dish of raw shaved spring vegetables on toast with shaved Parmesan and a Citrus Marinated NY Strip Steak / Jalapeno Mashed […]

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Spotlight on a Wine Region: Niederösterreich Wine

The Niederösterreich region of Austria (meaning lower Austria) is the country’s largest wine-growing area, including eight specific wine growing regions. The regions include: Wachau, Carnuntum, Kremstal DAC, Kamptal DAC , Thermenregion, Wagram, Traisental DAC, and Weinvertel DAC. The region has three major climactic zones: The Weinvertel, the region along the Danube river with adjoining valleys […]

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