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Introducing Schilcherland DAC

October 16, 2017 – As of this date, Austria has a tenth specific DAC winegrowing region: Schilcherland DAC – in the west of the federal state of Steiermark (Styria), formerly known as ‘Weststeiermark’. Here, the red wine variety Blauer Wildbacher is vinified into a rosé wine called Schilcher. Following an extended political process of discussion, pending changes to the DAC […]

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The Rosé is Coming

Although much of the US can’t focus on the fact it’s almost spring just yet – freezing temperatures continue to hit much of the country – the rosé of Austria are on their way to our shores! Austrian rosé is distinct, though they are produced in all regions of Austria in a variety of styles. In Niederösterreich […]

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Spotlight on a Wine Region: Weststeiermark

This month’s featured region is one that is uniquely its own. Located in the southern portion of Austria’s winemaking areas, Weststeiermark is best known for its wines made from Schilcher, formally know as Blauer Wildbacher, as it dominates the 500 hectares of vine in the region. Despite it’s relatively rare status, wines made from Schilcher […]

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