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Austria’s Wine and Asparagus – the Culinary Highlight of Spring

March 30, 2015 – Two tried and true culinary pleasures come together once a year to create a very special Springtime flavour adventure! The freshly picked seasonal vegetable, asparagus, livens up the dining table – especially when served with Austrian wine. And with all of those healthy, vitamin-rich qualities, what a perfect way to get ready […]

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Asparagus & Wine: The Fine Spring Duo

The yearning for Spring is so strong. After a long gray Winter, nature is finally coming back to life. The days are becoming longer and the first Spring messengers are beginning to sprout from the earth and prepare us for the warm season. Even better, it’s time for the vegetable season to make its debut – with […]

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It’s Spargel Season!

It’s springtime and springtime means Spargel! Spargel is the “Austrian” term, (read: German) for the vegetable more commonly known to the US as asparagus. This isn’t any old asparagus, though, year-to-year European countries patiently await the arrival of freshly-grown, quality spargel… in particular the white variety! This from the AWMB: “… while those who think […]

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