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Tasting Games: Neuburger

Neuburger, a lesser-known white grape of Austria, is one known for being full and robust, but with mild flavors and a neutral palate. That being said, Neuburger still has a lot to offer, offering spice and floral notes when young and a nuttier taste with some age to the wine. It is known to make […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Day 8 Tasting Games St. Laurent

Today is all about our lesser-known indigenous Austrian variety! At just 1.7% of the total production, it’s sometimes easy for this delicious grape to get lost in the mix of things. We won’t stand for it any longer, though, as it’s high time this grape receives the attention it deserves! The grape earned its name […]

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Tasting Games: Gelber Muskateller

Well summer may be winding down with the impending end-of-summer holiday upon us, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to give up our summer whites. Today we focus on Gelber Muskateller, otherwise known as Yellow Muscat, a delicious, floral, fresh grape that’s perfect on its own or combined with sparkling water to make a spritzer! […]

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