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Orange: the New White – or the Fourth Wine Colour?

A new term is dominating the wine trade, forums and fairs these days: Orange wine.  But no one quite knows what it actually means. And no wonder. Because there are no regulations, no rules and no specific definition for this wine style. Austrian wine journalist Helmut O. Knall tries to shed a bit of light on the […]

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Happy #SauvignonBlancDay – Drink Something Styrian

Happy National Sauvignon Blanc Day! That’s right, it’s that time of year again where is time to celebrate this delicious grape – as if we needed another excuse. In honor of such a day, we’d like to take a trip to Styria – the place for Sauvignon Blanc in Austria with a style that’s uniquely its […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Enjoy a G’Spritzer

Though it’s traditionally known as a summer drink, there is a never a bad time to have a white wine spritzer, or G’Spritzer as it’s called in Austria. We love, love, love our wines so let’s be clear – the spritzer is not about watering them down. In fact, Austrians will often choose aromatic grapes such […]

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Tasting Games: Neuburger

Neuburger, a lesser-known white grape of Austria, is one known for being full and robust, but with mild flavors and a neutral palate. That being said, Neuburger still has a lot to offer, offering spice and floral notes when young and a nuttier taste with some age to the wine. It is known to make […]

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