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Austrian Wine Words: Know your grapes!

Austria is home to many indigenous varieties, but it’s also home to many international varieties. However, sometimes label recognition can get tricky for non-German speaking consumers. Here’s a short guide to help you navigate Austrian wine label varieties: Grauburgunder – Pinot Gris. Grau- means Grey, as does Gris. Burgunder means Pinot…. Basically, Grey Pinot! Blauburgunder […]

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Understanding Austrian Wine Labels – Terrassen, Alte Reben, Hefeabzug

Wine labels can be confusing to consumers, let alone when they’re in another language! This is the beginning of a month-to-month series where we will debunk some of those hard-to-understand terms. Soon enough, you’ll be able to differentiate the producer from the region from the vineyard. (We kid! we know you are more advanced than […]

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