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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Alder Yarrow’s Book

Our friend, Alder Yarrow, released a wonderful book earlier this year entitled, “The Essence of Wine” in which he depicts  a wine category through images and essays. From the website, ...

AWMB / Wirz, Möbius

12 Days of Austrian Wine: Aldo Sohm Interviews on Heritage Radio

This morning, December 11, 2014, we had the treat of listening to Aldo Sohm, Best Sommelier in the World 2008, Bacchus Award Winner, and co-owner of the newly opened Aldo ...

Wein Burgenland

12 Days of Austrian Wine 2014: Pairings for Eiswein

Ah Eiswein, it isn’t every year we get such a special treat, but when we do, we are very thankful. Although the results are still not in for 2014, in recent ...

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12 Days of Austrian Wine: Merry Christmas 2014 from the AWMB

As always, we would like to extend to you our warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! But this year’s greeting is quite a bit different: this time, it doesn’t come with beautiful Christmas cards, sweet presents or – as in the past three years – a specially produced Christmas […]

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12 Days of Austrian Wine 2014: Our New Sekt Classification System

This was an exciting year for sparkling wine category of Austria – better known as Sekt. The newly formed Sparkling Wine Committee of Austria was quite diligent and soon after their formation they announced the newest classification system for the quality wines of Austria. The three-tiered pyramid ensures that consumers understand what they are buying […]

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© Ski amadé/Claudia Ziegler

The Ski amadé Trilogy of Enjoyment: Tasty regional specialities, Austrian wines and magnificent pistes

November 12, 2014 – Under the motto “The Ski amadé Trilogy of Enjoyment: tasty regional specialities, Austrian wines and magnificent pistes”, selected mountain lodges and restaurants in Ski amadé from now on are offering typical local dishes made from regional products. These tasty regional specialities are complemented by Austrian wines. A culture in the ski lodges […]

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© Orange & Natural Wines/Susanne Korab

Orange: the New White – or the Fourth Wine Colour?

A new term is dominating the wine trade, forums and fairs these days: Orange wine.  But no one quite knows what it actually means. And no wonder. Because there are no regulations, no rules and no specific definition for this wine style. Austrian wine journalist Helmut O. Knall tries to shed a bit of light on the […]

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